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“The Erotic Clown” is a movement based workshop in performativity for everybody interested in expanding and reformulating their relationship to pleasure.  


In the workshop we approach the choreographies of erotica through the lenses of destruction, sensuality, comedy and disgust. Based on Sepideh Khodarahmi and Lauri Lohi’s artistic practises within rhythm-based movement from club dance styles, Sex Siren, erotic performance, clowning and hyper-gendered drag-practices the participants receive different tools for playfully exploring themselves, their lust and the expansion of pleasure. 

During the workshop:

  • We play with tools of destruction, seduction and hapticality in order to expand what ‘the erotic’ may be. 
  • We explore gazing and being gazed at in relation with inanimate objects.
  • We grind, shake and wind our hips. 
  • We move sensually to silly songs.
  • We invent & create rituals as a gateway into what a queer articulation of pleasure could be. 
  • We explore destruction as a gateway to reconstruction.
  • We dive deep into the choreography of erotica to see if there are any jokes that we can laugh at there.

Bring with you water to drink, comfortable clothes to move in AND your own object that you would like to destroy. This can be a melon/porcelain dog/pillow/bag of chips/armchair/your ex’s t-shirt/anything you want!

NOTAFLOF – Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Please email us at bestfishes@gmail.com and we can  figure out together a fitting sum for your participation. But please note, that we do wish you to pay the full participation fee if it is economically possible for you at this moment!


Sepideh Khodarahmi
Lauri Lohis